About Us

YAPITEK is a company of Construction and real estate development and investment. It is aimed to become one of the leading construction and real estate players of Turkey with its residential, villa and commercial real estate projects developed in Istanbul, Bursa and Yalova by combining the company’s 36 years of construction experience with 12 years of real estate experience.

YAPITEK’s current portfolio includes 10 residential and villa projects that have already been completed, 4 commercial real estate projects located at various stages of the development process, and 6 properties that can be developed in the future.

YAPITEK, which has adopted an integrated business model, operates at all stages of the real estate development process. The Company also actively undertakes the management of the properties it has developed through its subsidiaries. Until today, YAPITEK, which focuses on housing and villa investments in Turkey, has recently started to develop commercial real estate projects in Turkey.

Yapıtek; Based on transparency, trust and loyalty, we have built on the added value to our customers by producing original solutions based on continuity, with extensive experience and multicultural leadership experience, result-oriented, quality and economic approach. YAPITEK has a strong institutional culture with a professional team, with a high quality service understanding and an open international and multicultural working experience that are based on continuity and authenticity.

YAPITEK aims to increase the productivity and profitability of construction investments, which require many different areas of specialization, focusing on achieving quality, time and profitability targets in the projects being worked on.

The aim of YAPITEK in the construction and real estate sectors are,

Leading the creation of new opportunities and realizing these opportunities through targeted profitability, quality and time optimization throughout the entire process, from developing land for customers to after construction.