Corporate and social responsibility is perceived as a top priority at Yapıtek Commitment to clients, employees, local communities, and the environment comes first for Yapıtek. Therefore, Yapıtek has adopted some specific principles to become a trusted and responsible company and employer. According to these principles, Yapıtek Holding cares about the health and safety of its employees, protects the environment, conducts business in an ethical manner, promotes local economies, and supports the social life of people.


Yapıtek Construction is not only a company with corporate responsibility but also a personality with social responsibility who also contributes to the social life of the regions where does business. For this reason, Yapıtek attaches great importance to social responsibility activities based on returning and sharing some of the values obtained from the regions it invests in. In this frame, Yapıtek supports the people of the region who are doing business with activities such as donation, sponsorship and assistance.


Yapıtek is rapidly expanding its investments while also attaching great importance to social responsibility activities and education.


Yapıtek believes that protecting the environment and conserving the natural resources are very important for the operational life of a project. Therefore, Yapıtek generates sustainable alternatives in the design, construction and management of its projects, including reducing material requirements, waste to landfill, and water and energy use. In many urban and remote communities where Yapıtek operates, it works collaboratively with different stakeholders to implement environmental sustainability programs to improve human health and local conditions, such as waste management, recycling, and conservation.